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For your ears only

Sarah M. again gets into the head of her partner causing uncontrollable laughter. But only Sam will be able to tell you of the sweet, sweet nothings that got her moving so fast on this final buddy carry.

Which story peaks your interest the most and why?

Top 10 Ways to Get Skinny Fat

Ten Reasons Why Runners Should Include Weight Training

The Top 5 Reasons People Don’t Achieve Their Goals

Paleo Cured My MS and Saved My Life
“My dream is that someday soon, physicians and patients, coaches and athletes, employers and employees, policy makers, parents and young people, will all understand that becoming healthier, growing stronger, faster, and smarter, begins not with drugs or medical procedures, but with eating the way our DNA expects.”

Squat Cleans

2 minutes pullups
2 minutes burpees
2 minutes situps
2 minutes box jumps
2 minutes DB/KB ground to OH
Score is total reps. Rest 2 minutes between exercises.


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3 Responses to “For your ears only”

  1. Sarah M says:

    johns really focused in on my crossfit skills with his photography.. mostly distracting others with terrible jokes and holding on for dear life.. (and the sweet nothings, of course)

    as for those articles – weird coincidence that you linked to that last one. i’ve spent a while following up on dr. wahl’s story over the past few months. super interesting stuff and i think at some point more people will start discovering more specific links between diet/environmental stuff and autoimmune diseases. I’ll spare the website my incoherent ramblings on the topic, but i’ll be curious to see if shes ever able to put out anything, research-wise..

  2. Greg S says:

    Loved this wod…pretty sure my pullups were 49, not 19…semantics

  3. Jarrod says:

    Great WOD. This would be a good challenge type WOD.

    Colin – congrats on your #1 finish.