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Holiday Plan – Body Weight Odds and Evens

As we promised on Monday, we have a plan for the holidays! Very similar to our Body Weight Challenge last year, we are calling this year’s ‘Body Weight Odds and Evens Challenge’.

Starting Thursday December 15th we will kick off the 30 day ‘Body Weight Odds and Evens Challenge’. This program was designed to not only keep you moving during the Holidays, but also to challenge you to continue to gain strength in movements that you have difficulties with. This program is scalable to all ability levels and we highly encourage you to include your entire family, your friends and anyone else around you during the holidays. Have fun with it.

How the Body Weight Odds and Evens works:
1) Pick one of the following body weight movements for Odd days (stick with it):
Handstand Pushups, Pushups, Strict Pullups
2) Pick one of the following body weight movements for Even days (stick with it):
Lunges, Squats, Pistols (one leg squats)
3) On day 1 perform 1 repetition of your chosen movement for the Odd days. On day 2 perform 2 repetitions of your chosen movement for the Even days. On day 3 perform 3 repetitions of your chosen movement for Odd days. On day 4 perform 4 repetitions of your chosen movement…etc… for 30 days straight.
4) Keep up with the website for surprises along the way!

As the repetitions increase, break up them up throughout the day (as needed) but never cheat yourself on range of motion. Do them at work, at home, on the road, do them anywhere and everywhere. You can buy in at any point, but you will always have to make up the missed days (reps) before doing the day’s RX’d number. We will help you keep track on the website everyday so don’t worry about counting. If you have any questions let us know!

Jerry A. pushes through his final rep driving the bar OH. Since Jerry A. made the switch over to P3, he has learned and developed a much greater appreciation and understanding of how to make every repetition count. Sometimes it’s just easy to just go through the motions, but it will only lead you to frustration. Be mindful and deliberate with your movements, like Jerry A. shows us above.


Alternating Tabata
Score is lowest repetitions in any round for both movements.


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12 Responses to “Holiday Plan – Body Weight Odds and Evens”

  1. Anthony H says:

    Cool way to work on some of my GOATS …

    Count me in for HSPUs and Pistols!

  2. Colin says:

    ^ What he said.

  3. Maureen says:

    What’s a GOAT?

    Push ups and pistols for me!

  4. Mary says:

    I’m in for handstand pushups and pistols.

  5. Nancy B says:

    Pushups and jumping lunges for me.

  6. Justin G says:

    John, I’ll be joining you in this wonderful challenge. HSPU and depth jumps (I think they are called). The one where you jump from your knees to your feet or higher. Some how Im going to work this awesome move into my wedding ceremony.

  7. Tim L. says:

    Love it!! I did HSPU’s last year. I am liking strict pullups as a needed improvement, and since I need to work on explosiveness out of my squat – “squat jumps”. That is, from a full squat jumping to a 20″ box. What do you think? Sorry, pistols ain’t happening with my knees!! OMR

  8. Jarrod says:

    HSPU and pistols.

    How much of a warm up would be the minimum needed for these? Can I roll out of bed do a few jumping jacks and dive right in?

    • John says:

      Jarrod – I personally would not just jump into doing a one legged squat or HSPU, especially as they repetitions increase. I would spend a few minutes warming up the muscle groups involved before jumping right into each movement. You could easily turn this into a 5-15 minute mobility/skill session…

  9. Haley says:

    Hspu and pistols for me too!

  10. Rita P. says:

    Pushups and pistols for me.