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It happens every year

It is the CrossFit world’s equivalent to the New Years Resolution-ers, the week after the CrossFit Games… Everyone comes in amped up ready to take down the entire world with huge dreams and new goals. Knowing this we actually program to take advantage of the extra energy and hit some of our 1 rep maxes these past two weeks.

The bad side of this new found fire is that many of our athletes get blinded by the high level movements (handstand walking, muscle ups, GHD sit-ups, rope climbs…etc..) of the CrossFit Games and lose sight of mastering the basics.

I understand the desire to walk on your hands, perform kipping muscle ups, legless rope climbs and the like, but not to the point that it doesn’t follow a logical stream of progression. As much as you may want to believe that there is a super secret magical programing element that we are keeping from you, it actually is pretty simple…. The #1 problem, is that it simply takes longer to progress than anyone expects or wants it to and then you don’t spend the necessary time to master the basics.

Technique, Consistency, Intensity.

Here is a solid breakdown of progressions for several different high level movements. Do you notice anything odd or out of the ordinary? Have you put in the necessary work at each stage to be prepared to take on the next evolution of movements?

The Pornographication of Fitness Needs to Stop

Which strength sport is most likely to cause an injury in training?

Front Squat

15 T2B
15 Box Jumps
15 Pushups
4 Rounds

TIMES and SCORES (being tabulated)

How Much Mobilization?

I recognize that mobility is all the rage at the moment and while I disagree that it’s simply a fad, it does suffer from some of the downsides of being popular. Mobility is incredibly important but it’s also a very early step on the path to optimal performance. Twenty minutes of mobility work when you’re first starting out might be necessary, but unless you’ve got some crazy problems, you shouldn’t be spending more time mobilizing than training. If you genuinely feel like the way you workout forces you to mobilize that much, then you’re probably working out wrong.

- Mobility Work: You’re Doing It Wrong (and Too Long)

How much mobilizing do you think Rich Froning Jr. or Camile Leblanc-Bazinet (seen below) do in their daily workout routines? Is it because they already move so well or is it because they modify and scale their workouts as such?


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Damper Setting 101 – It pains me to watch an athlete immediately slide the damper setting up to 10 as soon as they hop on the rower… Do you know when and why you should raise or lower the damper setting?

Back Squat

Alternating EMOM for 15 minutes
Double Unders
Air Squats
Strict Pullups

Lonely at the top

Yogi G., sole member of the P3 Headbangers, dives underneath a barbell for a split jerk. For most of you this is a movement that we don’t practice often nor do we commonly teach it in our classes. It’s a higher level movement with moderate to limited practicality in most WOD settings, however in a single rep attempt it allows you to get lower than with the more common push jerk. The final evolution in jerks and the most difficult is the squat jerk something that requires the highest level of flexibility and mobility, but would allow you to get even lower.

With all that being said lets scrutinize Yogi’s final positioning… 2 things that need to be slightly adjusted – 1) His front foot should be out slightly further, and his shin should be perpendicular to the ground. This might be a result of his starting position on the platform, subconsciously he may be ‘afraid’ to drive the foot forward because he is at the end of the platform. 2) His back knee should be slightly bent and his back foot should generally face forward. Otherwise it appears as though he gets a complete lockout of the shoulders and keeps his torso vertical.

IMG_9589 copy

A Mental Problem Many of You Have

Why NYC Men Are Falling (Rock) Hard for the Paleo Diet

Clean and Jerk

6 Power Cleans
12 Thrusters
6 Burpees
AMRP in 8 minutes


Upscale Time!

Caleb C. dominating some KB swings with ease… Might have to upscale him next time?
IMG_9828 copy

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3 Lessons We Can All Learn From the CrossFit Games

Hang Power Snatch
OH Squat

21 KB Swings
12 Burpees
Run 1 Lap
3 Rounds


You want them to do what?

Coach Meagan’s initial response after hearing my plans for the rest of the summer and your training! First on the list – Freestanding Handstand and Handstand Walking Clinic on Saturday August 23rd. More details to come mark your calendars.
IMG_9837 copy

Last week of July Training:
Monday – Hang Power Snatch/OH Squat – No, this isn’t ‘Helen’
Tuesday – Clean and Jerk 1 rep max
Wednesday – Back Squat 1 rep max
Thursday – Front Squats – Pause reps
Friday – Jerk 1 rep max, Deadlifts in WOD
Saturday – Hang Power Clean/Front Squat – Man Makers!