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She’s got them!

Oksana F. fought me hard yesterday morning about how many she would do… We finally ‘agreed’ on sets of 12-9-6! Scaling her pull-ups and building up her repetition count has been paramount to her success. We might even see her do ‘Fran’ with RX pull-ups by the end of the year! But that would mean we would have to program Fran sometime in the next 8-9 weeks!!!!!
oksanapullup copy

What do fit women want? Strong or skinny? – Is this a real question?

Squat Fix: Falling Backward – Little different spin on some squat therapy.

Why is The New York Times So Fascinated with CrossFit?


Run 1 Mile for Time
-Rest 3 Minutes-
50 Burpees for Time

TIMES and SCORES (being tabulated)

Warrior Dash World Championship 2014

Todd L. took it to the young bucks and came in 87th this past weekend at the Warrior Dash World Championship, featuring the top 250 men from around the world! Check out these ‘hills’…
20141018_084851 copy

20141017_165113-1 copy

7 Simple Exercises That Undo the Damage of Sitting

Top 5 Most Brutal CrossFit Workouts – What do you think?

CrossFit for Kids: Not What You Might Think

High Hang Squat Clean
Low Hang Squat Clean
Squat Clean
EMOM for 8 minutes

21-15-9. Run 1 lap after each round.


Traveling the CrossFit world

Sent to me by a traveling CrossFit friend and thought it looked hardcore. My friend just wished they went hardcore with cleaning the equipment…

WLC Pumpkin Granola

How to Unlock Your Athletic Potential Through Good Posture

Back Squats

5 Power Cleans
5 Thrusters
5 Box Jumps
6 Rounds. Rest 1 minute between rounds.

Gorgeous Training Week #2

Monday – Back Squats
Tuesday – High Hang/Low Hang/Squat Clean
Wednesday – Deadlift 1 rep max
Thursday – Press/T2B
Friday – Snatch Balance – Bring your jump rope!
Saturday – Thrusters

Need Motivation?

Judge, and be judged… – I’m a big believer that the higher level athletes should be judged and should judge others to increase their abilities. I developed a majority of my ability to help coach others from judging competitions and competing myself. The combination gives me the ability to know what the athletes are feeling but also know exactly what they need to hear/see to keep going.

Hang Cleans

25 T2B
15 Burpee Box Jump and Over
25 DB Ground to OH
2 Rounds